Srishti Sethi SrishAkaTux

Wikimedia Work in 2017

Here is a summary of my work around developer outreach, retention, mentoring, and research in collaboration with my wonderful colleagues and volunteers at Wikimedia:

Events and Outreach

  • Jan 9-11th, Wikimedia Developer Summit - Co-organizer: unconference, session guidelines, and remote participation
  • Mar 17-19th, FOSSASIA - Speaker: "The Wikimedia free software community: Learn ways to get involved"
  • May 4th, Write the Docs San Francisco Meetup - Organizer
  • May 14-16th, Write the Docs Portland - Facilitator in the writing day for MediaWiki project
  • May 19-21st, Wikimedia Hackathon - Program team
  • Jun 3rd, UC Berkeley Coding Bootcamp - Guest Lecture: "The Wikimedia free software community: Learn ways to get involved"
  • Aug 9-10th, Wikimania Hackathon - Helper & Speaker: "Overview of Wikimedia tech for newcomers"
  • Oct 13-15th, Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit - Lightning talk: "What students made for Wikimedia?"
  • Dec 9-10th, ChickTech High School Kick-off - Organizer: Led a two day workshop around Google Code-in and Wikimedia
  • Projects

  • Coordinated Wikimedia’s participation in Google Summer of Code 2017 and Outreachy Round 14, and 15:
    • Curated beginner-friendly projects and promoted them to students through mailing lists, recruited mentors, etc
    • Hosted an online information session for students before the program and addressed the questions that were collected beforehand
    • Promoted weekly reports of accepted students in a monthly highlights newsletter format
    • Provided Zulip as a mentoring tool
    • Collected changes for improvements from mentors throughout the program, and as a result produced a revised documentation of Outreach Programs
    • Organized a project showcase via YouTube live
    • Conducted a program feedback survey and documented lessons learned
  • Released the first new developers quarterly report that included metrics, trends, lessons learned and recommendations
  • Logic modeling and brainstorming for the team’s annual program "Onboarding New Developers"
  • Developing a plan to improve outreach and increase retention of developers (ongoing)
  • Group photo: Wikimedia Hackathon in Vienna

    Wikimedia crew at ChickTech workshop

    Newcomers setting up MediaWiki development environment at Wikimedia Hackathon in Vienna, Austria

    Write the Docs San Francisco May meetup