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Unhangout is an open source platform (developed at the MIT Media Lab) that brings un-conference model of physical settings on the web. It helps foster peer-to-peer interactions in un-conference style, and is designed to run large-scale discussions online. It offers a platform for hundreds of partcipants to take part in tbe same virtual event while retaining the intimacy of small group discussion. At its essence, Unhangout is a virtual lobby (Screenshot below), that offers three ways of interacting: participants can jointly watch embedded videos, chat with each other, and enter a breakout group. I am one of the developer for this project, and along with other researchers at the MIT Media Lab, I have been involved in running a variety of events on the platform. Some of the interesting ones are: Edcamp Online for educators, Media Lab Virtual Visit (connecting students and researchers from all over the world), Learning Creative Learning (an online community where like-minded educators and learners from all around the world share their ideas about creative learning ) etc.

Watch this video, to get an introduction of the Unhangout Platform.

Screenshot of Unhangout Lobby


Philipp Schmidt, Drew Harry, Charlie DeTar


Github contributions, Live Website