Srishti Sethi SrishAkaTux

Recent work at Wikimedia (2016–Present)

In my role as a Developer Advocate at the Wikimedia Foundation, I contribute to the organization’s efforts to engage volunteer developers in Wikimedia projects and to grow the technical community.

This work involves:
  • Participation in outreach programs and events to onboard and mentor new volunteers to contribute to Wikimedia technical projects.
  • Researching the needs and requirements of technical contributors and experimenting with new ways to onboard and retain them.
  • Developing sample code to demonstrate best practices, tutorials to help explain technical concepts and tools to improve processes and workflows around developer support.
  • Collaborating with external organizations to engage technical contributors in free and open-source software projects.
  • Wikimedia Hackathon Barcelona 2018 - mentorship session

    Participants at the Mentors and Mentee matching session at the Wikimedia Hackathon 2018, Barcelona

    Srishti Sethi, Amy, Rupika Sharma & Who, Asian Wikimedians meetup at Wikimania 2018 (01)

    Asian Wikimedians meetup at Wikimania 2018, Cape Town

    Mentoring and Outreach


  • Coordinated Wikimedia’s participation in three rounds of Google Summer of Code and six of Outreachy. Some of the roles and responsibilities were:
    • Recruit mentors, curate beginner-friendly projects, and promote them to prospective candidates through various channels.
    • Provide a group communication tool to interns and mentors and answer their queries.
    • Facilitate project selection and evaluation process with mentors.
    • Develop strategies for engaging interns before, during and after the program. For example, conduct an online information session for prospective candidates and showcase on completed projects.
    • Collect changes for improvements throughout the program, document lessons learned, and revise the resources on the Outreach Programs hub.
  • Collaborated with two initiatives: Mozilla’s OSSN and Teaching OpenSource’s POSSE to engage more university students in contributing to open source projects and support professors in their efforts of teaching open source through Wikimedia projects Blog post
  • Mentored three interns via Google Summer of Code and Outreachy on a code documentation project around developing code samples in different programming languages, demo apps and tutorials and improving on-wiki documentation explaining the use of MediaWiki API.

  • Events

  • Co-faciliated two sessions at WikiConference North America 2019: Wikimedia Outreach programs for technical contributors and Understanding the technical challenges of small wikis in North America.
  • Contributed to the planning of the Small Wiki Toolkits focus area for the Wikimania Hackathon 2019 and organized two workshops on technical topics as part of it. This focus area is part of a larger project, the goal of which is to help small wikis address their technical needs by enabling their technical contributors with necessary skills Project page
  • Delivered several versions of the talk Sharing opportunities for new developers in the Wikipedia community at LibrePlanet 2019, FOSSASIA 2017 and University of Berkeley's Coding Bootcamp.
  • Organized a workshop for undergraduate student attendees around the use of Wikipedia API at the Stanford University’s TreeHacks event.
  • Oriented new developers to Wikimedia technical spaces and projects, reviewed scholarship applications, and supported event organizers in six international Wikimedia Hackathons Blog post
  • Organized a two-day workshop for high-school students of the ChickTech organization to work on coding and non-coding Wikimedia tasks as part of the Google Code-in contest Curriculum
  • Organized one of the Write the Docs San Francisco meetup at Wikimedia Foundation headquarters and writing day for MediaWiki project at Write the Docs Portland conference.
  • Co-organized unconference and remote participation in Wikimedia Developer Summit 2017 Blog post
  • A mentoring program session at the Wikimedia Hackathon 2018, Barcelona

    Wikipedia API workshop at Stanford University's Treehacks 2019, Palo Alto

    Newcomers at Wikimedia Hackathon 2017

    Newcomers setting up MediaWiki development environment at Wikimedia Hackathon 2017, Vienna

    Wikimedia at ChickTech's High School Kick-off 2017 (2)

    Wikimedia crew at ChickTech workshop 2017, San Francisco

    Write the Docs San Francisco May 2017 Meetup at Wikimedia Foundation 12

    Write the Docs San Francisco May meetup 2017



  • Developed a newcomer bot for Wikimedia Foundation’s code collaboration tool Gerrit that welcomes newcomers and tracks their code contributions Blog post
  • Proposed the idea for the WikiContrib tool for community members to visualize their technical contributions within a specified time range. Also, co-mentored its development via Google Summer of Code Code repository
  • Developed a showcase of interactive demo apps built using the MediaWiki Action API Showcase
  • Developed a user feedback gadget for technical documentation on-wiki. It is currently enabled on and Wikitech Blog post
  • Proposed the idea for a Gadget that would provide a tabbed window layout to code samples in different programming languages embedded on wiki pages. Also, mentored its development via Google Summer of Code Source code
  • Sample code

  • Developed code snippets and demo apps in different programming languages demonstrating the use of MediaWiki API Code repository
  • Resources

  • Developed workshop toolkits for potential trainers to introduce user scripts and gadgets and Wikimedia APIs Toolkits
  • Designed an introductory course for high-school students to learn about Web APIs with Wikipedia API as an example use case Course
  • Created a tutorial to show how to search for wiki pages near a location using the MediaWiki API Tutorial
  • Created a tutorial on hosting a hello world nodejs app with oauth on Wikimedia Toolforge Tutorial
  • Screenshot of MediaWiki Apps Gallery

    Screenshot of a users' contributions generated by the WikiContrib tool

    Project Showcase at Wikimedia Hackathon 2019, Prague


  • Designed and piloted a program to achieve a sustained increase in new developers contributing to Wikimedia projects, which also included a research study to understand why new developers start contributing and stay or leave Blog post
  • Researching the needs of small wikis to design a training workshop for their technical contributors (ongoing) Notes
  • Contributed to the scoping phase of the Wikimedia's 2030 movement strategy. Helped the team members of the technology group understand our technical engagement ecosystem Notes
  • Group photo of the Wikimedia Summit 2019, Berlin