Srishti Sethi SrishAkaTux

Beyond the Yellow Diamond

Beyond the Yellow Diamond is an in-vehicle navigation system concept that aims to prevent accidents by warning the driver of upcoming road hazards such as dangerous intersections, accident prone areas, potholes, speed bumps etc. This could be integrated within the Route Planner (e.g, Google Maps) of a car’s dashboard system that could optimize routes to avoid hazards and annotate directions with hazards. For instance, the warnings might look like this, “Slow down! There have been 50 crashes in that spot!…… .” In addition to this, this could also allow, exchange of data with nearby cars that would be able to warn their neighbors when the Stability Control Activities, or the suspension detects rough road.

Technical Implementations

This application is developed and prototyped at Data Driven Hackathon, conducted by Volkswagen in collaboration with IDEO and MIT Media Lab. Interestingly, this app is using MassDOT webservice to get the accident crash report real data which is being parsed by a Python script along with GeoCode API to extract the latitudes/ longitudes of dangerous intersections. These intersections are then plotted on a map with the Google Map API.