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Lighting up Braille using Scratch and Raspberry PI

This mini-project is a simple demonstration of lighting up LED's in a braille pattern by controlling GPIO Pins of raspberry Pi using scratch GPIO version 2. Here is the link to the corresponding scratch project

DIY Instructions

1. Setup Scratch GPIO2 on a Raspberry PI.
2. Arrange LED's in a columnar manner on the breadboard such that each braille LED is connected with a GPIO pin on PI:

    Braille LED 1 - GPIO Pin 11
    Braille LED 2 - GPIO Pin 12
    Braille LED 3 - GPIO Pin 13
    Braille LED 4 - GPIO Pin 15
    Braille LED 5 - GPIO Pin 16
    Braille LED 6 - GPIO Pin 18

3. Open this Scratch Project with GPIO version.
4. Click the green flag on scratch project and see the magic!